Zetland + Weekendavisen

Illustration for Zetland.dk (2018)

“We the humanity is doing something unbearable to the nature.

We have started two huge movements that are forever irreversible.

We are changing the climate of the planet by sending billions of tons of nitrogen into the atmosphere every year. And we are in the process of eradicating plant and animal species with a hurry that has long gone beyond nature’s own pace.

Both of them are unbearable at a level that the recent many years of dry facts and detailed reports are not at all able to convey. Despair and anger are huge – and should be enormous.

But it is not despair and anger that will ultimately show us the way we must go.

On the contrary – it will be a completely new nature view, which takes its starting point in joy that will create the change.

We first notice when we get up from the desks and walk into what it’s all about –  namely nature. For there the senses take over. They whisper: ‘think that all this exists! It is a miracle that it is. It is a miracle that the reddish apples and the crumbled gray pears and the iron-gray sea are found. It is certainly a joy!’. And it is from the joy that the courage to act and make the change comes!”

Lea Korsgaard

Illustration for Zetland.dk (2018)

The political and social divide around Europe is increasingly geographic, often in North and South. Are we really that different?

Illustration for Zetland.dk (2018)

14 grams (part 1)
Illustration for Weekendavisen (2019)

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Illustration for Weekendavisen (2019)