14 grams
“On my kitchen weight, a flat bowl of 232 grams of oatmeal is precisely measured as if the salvation of the world was at stake, and that is it. 232 grams is a nice portion with top, it will make the paleo people and other carbohydrate hats bulge and fade, but whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, seeds and grains, not to mention the ubiquitous chickpea, are the basic way for the survival of humanity along with small mountains of fruit and vegetables. The meat, on the other hand, may lie on a fingernail. The alternative – as we eat and cultivate the land now – is a disaster, claims the world’s first and utterly life-threatening report on how we at one time save our own health and globe through food.”
Pernille Stensgaard

Illustration for Weekendavisen.dk (2019)